“It is hard to judge if your team is effective until you experience what team effectiveness really is! It is extremely important to get all members on a team to open up and align towards a single purpose. As time and resources are precious, no leadership team can afford being ineffective.

Blue Wing Coaching and Susie Warman was leading us the way into a complete new way of group dynamics and thinking about ourselves as individual team members. A few days investment which gave immediate results for us as a team but also for the organization in general.”

Filip Tauson

CEO North America, DOW Chemicals

It has been a great support and learning for me to go through this process, helping me to step back and evaluate my strengths and needs. The theoretical support you grated was awesome, always had sufficient food for thought and “experiments” to do. Finally your way of conducting the sessions (the positive environment you create) and your professionalism/experience in coaching are marvelous.

Based on the 360° feedback, which per se was great to have as it was the first one I have received in my current role, we assigned the following tasks:

– “Personal touch” in Latin American culture: we´ve identified the “check-in” procedure as a source for topics which need a 1:1 follow-up. Retro is positive, as we now talk more about the “non-business” part of us

– Effective communication: linked to “the influence model”, “standing alone”, “creating trust”, “preparing difficult conversations”, “analyze actors”, which we´ve discussed + worked us through. Have used all of them in various meetings in Mexico and US, most impact seen in “preparing communication” as well as “standing alone”. Helps me currently in the change of role, as we meet with a new group of people with different interests

– Leadership: refresh of leadership styles + self reflection of what style I am using or could use (great exercise!), delegation and coaching via empowerment (and not delegate and forget about it) and asking the right questions, and last but not least: forming High Performance Teams. Really enjoyed the exercises, as they helped to get an insight into where I stand concerning risk taking and delegation. The HPT (High Performing Teams) formation piece is of highest value to me, as we are heading towards this orga / culture change

Frank Hezel

Director General de Coatings and Automóviles, BASF Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.

“The coaching process with Susie was very productive. Susie helped me reflect on my behaviors, my reactions and my way of interacting with different audiences. She shared tools to improve my communication especially in difficult situations.”

“On the other hand, Susie helped me to improve my Leadership with my team. We conducted several workshops with the goal of making my area a high performance team. The workshops were focused on improving assertive interaction between us and defining roles, responsibilities and interdependencies within the team members.

I feel very comfortable and satisfied with my achievements working with Susie in the coaching process.

Jose Antonio Figueroa

Director of Supply, Holcim, Mexico

The coaching process I carried out with Susie Warman has been very helpful and inspiring, as I reviewed the role I played within the company culture. Susie shared useful tools which impacted positively my performance, as well as reviewing my perspective in relation to personal life balance at work to improve the quality of both. Susie, I thank you for the guidance and accompaniment I received and will continue to be very useful.

Juan Gómez Encino

Audit Director, Liverpool

My experience of having Susie Warman as Coach has led me to learn how to handle difficult situations from another angle, making me much more productive and assertive in my decisions.
The tools I have learned and applied have allowed me to get closer to the people in my team, and begin to lead my area in a different way. An important result of my coaching sessions was the feeling of a great reduction of stress, security and confidence. Reduction of stress was one of the key points of my assessment which I wanted to work through coaching.

Oscar Ayala

Director de Supply, Bacardi

No es la primera vez que tengo sesiones de Coaching pero es la primera vez en la que tuve grandes cambios en mi vida. Me volví más persuasivo y eficaz en mis relaciones con otros ejecutivos, aprendí a mejorar mi negociación y mi visión como Gerente, de hecho a la mitad de las sesiones de coaching me dieron una promoción en mi trabajo.

En lo personal siento que mis sesiones con Susie me llevaron a ver y a resolver muchos asuntos pendientes que estaban frenando el éxito en mi carrera, y obviamente esto también ha ayudado mucho a mis subalternos, ya que mucho de lo que aprendí lo pude compartir con ellos.

Mi experiencia fue de un constante aprendizaje. El tener a Susie como Coach, ha sido de las mejores decisiones de mi vida.

Daniel Manzanilla

Gerente de Logística, Liverpool

Susie is a highly profesional coach. She helped me in the transformation from a directive authoritative boss into a leader-coach, by acquiring leadership skills in order to create positive engagement and atmosphere across the region. As a result, the business accelerated its financial performance.

Susie is passionate about positively impacting the lives, careers and performance of others. Her human touch, listening and questioning skills were constantly challenging me into discovering new areas of growth. She was dedicated in bringing out the best of me.

Latin American CEO of MARS Inc.

CEO, Mars

Being a Sales Director, “driven for result” is a must in the DNA of every person working in the organization. This can often cause conflicts and not achieve the optimal result. I have learned a lot from different types of leadership over 20 years in the workplace, but no one teaches you how to be a “good leader”, to have “difficult conversations” to “shape the perspective of others” but above all to INSPIRE … Through the work with Susie, which I consider an excellent Coach; I learned that problems always come from poor communication, accompanied by a non-verbal language impacts others often causing effects contrary to those you want to achieve. Susie taught me in a very inspiring way to build based on different models, getting more and more assertive and depersonalizing the situations that are experienced day by day in a company.

In my experience, Susie is a very human and warm person, able to make you change the perspective and put into action different Models and competences that I will always use in my career as the leader of an organization.

Vanessa Flores

Sales Director, Pfizer

“After evaluating 4 professionals for my coaching process, the decision could not have been simpler. Susie proposed a process based on objectives and agreements achieved based on different interviews with close collaborators as well as through my personal priorities. In addition to this, she proposed to get to the bottom of the issues to improve, not only working the surface, but looking for the root cause of the opportunities to achieve a change that really was structural! Could not ask for more from my change process! Our sessions always had the personal touch of Susie, that is, always mixing the professional method with genuine interest in me. I could always feel the sincere interest in Susie on giving 100% of her energy in helping me improve in my profession “

Partner, AT Kearney

“My experience with Susie has been profoundly transformative. Her incredible character, listening and her unique personal style has inspired me to discover my professional and personal vision. Through coaching, I have acquired greater self-confidence in knowing I can achieve whatever I decide to do always maintaining myself firm in my values. I have been able to discover and adopt the necessary competencies to take responsibility for what I can do in order to be the best version of myself and inspire others to take the commitment to take up on the same challenge.
At the beginning of the process I was defeated by conflicts in the company and felt that there was not much to do but to look for other opportunities. I used to blame this situation for all those around me without being able to see myself at the mirror. Through coaching, I learned how responsible I was in designing my future and how the power of change was totally in my hands.

Through the sessions with Susie, I discovered that first, the change had to come within me and a very important insight was that if I follow your own intuition, being honest and looking for the best result for everyone, I can live an entire life being an inspiring leader transcending and going beyond what I could ever imagine. I have always dreamed of transforming the lives of the people around me and Susie has always respected my vision. My Coaching began in my journey on being this inspiring leader always honoring my deepest values and passions.

Thanks to the help of Susie I am able to obtain a great performance at work and in my life. This really satisfy me with happiness and desire to continue growing and learning ways to impact my organization and the world.

Jesús Barrera

CEO, Micro Financiera Mexicana

We are a company dedicated to offer CPA services in Auditing and Consulting. Six years ago we began to work with Blue Wing Coaching with the concern to visualize ourselves as a quality company not only in the offer of services but in each of its internal processes. The sessions of High Performance Teams, Leadership Workshops and Individual Coachings to Partners and top management were of great value.
The main benefits in this process were in being able to visualize our processes clearly impacting in our work flows. We learned that in order to improve we have to design goals, implement controls and schedule them.
After our training on High Performing Teams, our teams became more receptive to the work and learnings. We learned to communicate differently and work together in setting our objectives. We began being more effective and efficient. Now I have a clearer measurement of the roles and responsibilities of our personnel and I am following up much closer on building new objectives and activities complementary to those that existed.
With all this learnings, a system of performance measurement was implemented, in which, goals were set, with clear KPI´s. The Coaching process for our partners and Management allowed them improve in their performance and climate of the firm. Personally for me, Coaching has helped me to identify my opportunity areas and to set goals and look for ways to achieve them.
We continue in a whole process with Blue Wing Coaching and I am sure we will keep on growing and reaching our goals and being able to live up to the international signature we represent.

Josse Luis Valera

Partner and Director, Baker Tilly

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