Process Coaching

What is it?

Through our own designed methodology called Pipeline Proaching®, team members learn to map their processes, design their KPI´s and visibility boards through Coaching. The members discover the critical success factors from the Balance Score Card perspective and then discover their own areas of opportunity and growth.

How does it work?

It is a model that allows in a very short time to establish clear metrics and indicators for each process. Our model is based in methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and TOC where each of the collaborators understand in depth the importance of their tasks, activities, roles and responsibilities, as well as the results that must obtain to be successful. We teach the model to an internal team (Task force) so the organization learns how to keep this process alive by periodic evaluations in a sustainable manner.


  • Process Mapping with Areas of Opportunity
  • Critical factors of success
  • Clear and concise visibility boards for each employee
  • Metrics and indicators at each level


• The members are empowered through their decisions which leads them to feel engaged and committed
• Process optimization
• Improvement in margins
• Increased productivity
• Improve communication between areas
• Learn the methodology and evaluate the processes constantly
• Continuous improvement
• Clarity and clear objectives
• Decrease in rotation

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