Leadership Development for Middle Management Coaching with Vision®

What is it?

An effective method to develop leadership skills in to Middle Managers through remote Coaching sessions at a very affordable cost.

Middle managers play and influential role in organizations. Generally they are the ones who are least invested in development and growth. Their leadership style directly impacts on the “level of engagement” in the company and therefore the performance of the organization because these positions are those that are in direct contact with the customer or the final product. Blue Wing Coaching ®has developed a method for developing leadership in these levels at a very affordable cost.

How does it work?

Through personalized training and Coaching sessions, participants will receive a one hour phone call where they will work on a different competency each session. The first half hour of the call will be to present a Leadership competence and the second half hour will be a Coaching session. The session will end with the definition of actions. Sessions will be held every two weeks remotely. This program will be taught by certified Coaches with visual impairment who have great sensibility and an extraordinary ability to listen.
The client will be able to choose between our menu of competences which were designed after a extensive research on the skills required by middle management


1. The Leader – Coach
2. Vision and Values
3. Active Listening
4. “Powerful Questions”
5. Recognition
6. Effective Feedback
7. Teamwork
8. The Power of Language
9. Attitude and Emotional Intelligence
10. Compassion
11. Perseverance
12. Persuasion / Model “Say it in Six Minutes”
13. Planning
14. Delegation / Empowerment
15. Conflict Management and Petitions
16. Difficult Conversations
17. Obstacle Management
18. Commitment / Responsibility
19. Confidence / Control
20. Creating Possibilities
21. Customer Focus
22. Focus on Results
23. Proactive Cooperation
24. Change Management
25. Generating Confidence

  • Benefits
  • Increases the company’s performance and financial results
  • Development of Leader-Coaches in Middle Management
  • Development of inspiring leaders who achieve extraordinary results through their people
  • Easily scalable. train hundreds of executives simultaneously
  • Train leaders who are disperse in a geographical area
  • Increase the level of commitment, trust, motivation and creativity
  • Decrease rotation of operational staff
  • The extraordinary listening skills and sensitivity of coaches with visual impairment allows distance coaching, generating great efficiencies that are reflected in the cost
  • Very accessible cost
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