Executive Coaching

What is it?

It is a process of deep conversations through which self-knowledge increases so that leaders can potentiate their performance. By partnering with clients through a thought-provoking and creative process, the Coach questions and challenges the client to inspire maximize potential.

How does it work?

In individual sessions and through the use of powerful communication tools and questions, the Coach accompanies the executive in the search process to open possibilities and design actions that would lead the client to achieve the goals. The client learns to use competencies that would lead to be an inspiring leader where through listening, questioning, empowering, recognizing and giving and receiving effective feedback inspires and mobilizes other leaders to achieve extraordinary results.

1. We accompany executives to reach their goals by identifying their areas of opportunity and turning their challenges into opportunities
2. The leader becomes a Coach through listening and the formulation of “powerful questions” that result in him discovering and liberating his potential to maximize his individual performance and of others as leaders
3. The work climate improves, since the employees work in a growth environment where the motivation and the creativity increases
4. The performance of the company improves

The leader becomes an inspiring leader capable of achieving extraordinary results through his team. The leader’s performance increases by impacting the level of engagement in the company, and with this, improves the financial results.

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