Development of Leadership Culture in Organizations

What is it?

It is a methodology that allows creating and permeating a Culture of Inspiring Leadership throughout the organization, through the transformation of bosses to the development of Leader-Coaches.

The Leader-Coach creates a stimulating, inspiring environment where through listening, asking, empowering, recognizing and feedback you inspire and mobilize other leaders to achieve extraordinary results.

How does it work?

After deep understanding of the client’s needs, we design programs that will have an impact at all levels of the organization. Some examples are: Change Management Programs, Leadership Training, Company Culture (Living the Vision, Mission and Values, etc.). Training can be face-to-face or remote
* see Leadership Development in middle management.


  • Increases the level of engagement in the company
  • Increases financial performance and results
  • It is easier to attract and retain talent
  • Clarity in mission and vision
  • Development of skills such as active listening, “powerful questions”
  • Effective Feedback Culture and Recognition
  • Increase the level of commitment, trust, motivation and creativity
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